Single Forever ❤🙆❤

On this weekend I spent my me time browsing on youtube when coincidentally (or I believe its not), God lead me to hear a sermon coming from Ps. Jeffrey Rachmat about “Single”

The title somehow attract me to listen to it

And I feel sooooo blessed…. So blessed indeed that I know its You Lord Who let me hear this one

I decided to share this on my blog

Hoping that as this sermon blessed me so much, it will then bless you (whoever reading this) in a way you never know you needed.

Everyone in this world regardless of their married status have to be single forever

Single that we talk in here its not a state where a person is not married or not in a relationship

We are talking about singleness… means one or tunggal in Bahasa, single here referes to the wholeness of a person

Most of people think they need a soulmate (pasangan hidup) to complete a missing part in their life and get married for that very reason. Don’t let this mislead you

For the truth is we need to be single, whole, mature and a hundred percents enjoy our singleness first before we’re ready to enjoy togetherness with someone who is single too ❤❤❤

I’m in love with this part of sermon and couldn’t be more agree 🙂

And perhaps we wonder, “kalau bgitu bagaimana caranya untuk menjadi utuh?”

To be single and whole you need to fill yourself in the knowing of Christ

Karena hanya Tuhanlah yang dpt membuatmu utuh…

Hanya Tuhan yg dapat melengkapi bagian kosong yang ada didalam dirimu…

You can’t find your forever happines in human beings

Being understand about this, God who created you, know exactly the very desires of your heart

He’s the One who form your heart, remember?

He’s the One who knows you even before you were born

And for that very reason, He’s the only One who can be your source of Joy ❤

I will give the high five key to be single as Ps Jeffrey Rachmat share in his sermons:

1. We need to know our PURPOSE in life

2. We need to know our IDENTITY

3. We need to have VISION in life

4. We need to have our VALUES

5. We need to have PRINCIPLES in our life

I wont break down detaily these five points one by one cause its better for you to hear the sermons yourself

Do encourage you to do so 🙂

And as conclusion, now… As much as this sermon blessed & recharged me, it also corrects & remind me to keep focus

My prayer this afternoon Lord, please help me to be completely a single person

To keep my heart with all dilligence

To keep my affections on things above

To walk in Your purpose

To enjoy my singleness until You make me ready for enjoying togetherness

To be a forever single for You even when I’m married one day ❤ 🙂


“Hai pemalas, pergilah kepada semut, perhatikanlah lakunya dan jadilah bijak.”

So, this morning I decided to share about ants.

Several days ago, in a conversations with a fearful man of God, I used words ants to call him.

After finish our line somehow I meditate about ants and get some insight about it.

We use to think that ants are small, weak and not many who consider it as an important subject.

But God remind me in His verse in Proverbs 6:6

God Himself make ants as an example of how man should follow his ways, his acts to be wise.

Its amazed me how God pay so much attention to His tiny little creature and choose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

1 Kor 1:27-29

Tetapi apa yang bodoh bagi dunia, dipilih Allah untuk memalukan orang-orang yang berhikmat, dan apa yang lemah bagi dunia, dipilih Allah untuk memalukan apa yang kuat,

dan apa yang tidak terpandang dan yang hina bagi dunia, dipilih Allah, bahkan apa yang tidak berarti, dipilih Allah untuk meniadakan apa yang berarti ,

supaya jangan ada seorang manusiapun yang memegahkan diri di hadapan Allah.

I’ve come to the conclusion that how God sees you much more important than how the world sees you.

God pay more attention to our character and standard of living in His ways  (as He give compliments to the acts of ants) than to our weaknesses.

PS: So, Madu.. If you are reading this, I hope you won’t change ur mind and ask me to call you ant instead hahaha.. *kidding

Have a blessed day dear God’s beloved!

What Tiny Little Hands Can Do

Jangan seorangpun menganggap engkau rendah karena engkau muda. Jadilah teladan bagi orang-orang percaya, dalam perkataanmu, dalam tingkah lakumu, dalam kasihmu, dalam kesetiaanmu dan dalam kesucianmu.” 1 Timotius 4:12



Sometimes people look down on you because you are young.

But don’t let this happen, because it’s not the size of your height/body that matters,

it’s the size of your will that impact your strength to do great things.

Anyone can be an example regardless of their age.


Last Sunday, I taught my sunday school children about what our tiny little hands can do.

The theme was about “God can do miracles through our tiny little hands”

Our Bible reading was from Mark 6:1-6

God give us hands, and use both of our hands to be a blessing for others.


Then we made a creativity based on the theme.

It’s fun and enjoyable, you could try this for your children at home

or maybe you’re also sunday school teacher like me.






How to play the creativity:

1. Each child was given a picture of a pair hands to be colored.

2. After colored, they read the written words in the pair of hands

3. Each child was given four picture of hearts in the same color.

4. They have to make four hearts in different color, with rules below:

– changing with other children, by mention one of good deeds they will do to others.

– the more different colors of heart they get, the longer they could stack it together.

After that, you could make this for bible divider or keychains.










I took this idea from:

you could read more and get inspired!

They share many options to deliver God’s messages for children in fun ways.


Happy Monday and have a blessed day!







Changes start with you & it wouldn’t change until you DO

Holaaa! Goedemorgennn! 😀

It feels good to be back writing on my blog

This morning I want to share a glimpse of thoughts that comes in mind after doing my daily quiet time with God

Many people want changes in their life, of course change for the better.

But many of them expect it without realizing that change start within themselves.

Their thoughts, beliefs and ideas determine their actions.


“You may know how to live by faith, maybe better than anyone around. But remember, it’s not what you know that will bring you through victory—it’s what you DO.”


I guess everybody knows and agree with these.

But sometimes, we found ourself still helpless to do what faith tells us to do,

and sooner or later we realize we still falling and fail in the same spot, not doing anything.

The idea just continuously on our thoughts and stop right there.

I could tell you from my own experience.

Don’t be helpless or ever give up

Doing the right thing comes by practice

And we never ever be able to do it by our own strength

So turn your face to God

He supply all the strength we need

Afterall, Who says you have to do it all alone? :))



Reference: 3 John1:2 ; Luke 6:47-49

Silence speaks when Words can’t

Haven’t post any new blog lately

its just too much to do, in so little time

24 hours seems not enough anymore


Today, November 12th 2013.

Suddenly flashback to the year ago.

November 12th 2012.

I still remember what was happened on this exact date


we watched “sky fall” in cinemas.

and coincidentally, that day was really like a sky fall.

… even the polaroid turns BLACK when we took a photo.



November 12th 

when you suddenly ask me out,

after a long time not see.

Maybe its not come up the way you want, or I want

You just don’t get it what i’m trying to do, don’t you? …

and you just don’t realize what you just made my heart hurts today, dont you?


“When you just too tired & overwhelmed in explaining, make them understand your silence.

But if they don’t, don’t expect them to understand, since they never have to walk your path.

Only childish person who always want to be understood. But mature one, they understand.”


I guess this line come up perfectly for my situation now.

I’m just too tired

I hope silence speaks when words can’t.

I dont hope to be understood,

This time, I just want to be in peace of mind.

It seems something I needed more

Flowers & Its Attitude

I’m in love with flowers..

and really really love being all around them




Always catch the beauty of their various kinds, colors and scents

They’re just wonderful

Never thought of sharing about flowers in my blog before

But recently, I just noticed & learned something that makes flower more attractive to me 


Have you noticed & consider flower with its attitude?

Well.. especially for ladies, you might have to read this one

And take a note on their beautiful way of living

This has a bit connection between men and women relationship

I always wonder when my parents taught me that it is always man that has to make the first move

It is better man that loved you first

It is wise to wait the kind of man who would take any risk & make sacrifices for you

And as I grow up, I have to experience it myself to really understand their point

which are actually all they’re saying were based on Biblical concept

Surprisingly, God also taught me this principle through something that I really love….


Have you ever see flowers so aggressively take the first move?


Have flowers ever take the first phone call if they ever could?


Do they ever make a campaign or advertise that they’re single? need bees & butterflies to make them bloom?


If you ever take a look on flowers

They just stand there, and just be beautiful

Instead of taking the first move

They embrace the sun, the wind, and life itself

Until the right man comes, catch the beauty

Can’t resist & get curious with this one, he then come get closer and smell the scent

And he decide to pick this one among any other flowers and bring back home.


Okey.. do you get something from this story?

Ladies, realize that your part is embracing life

Get so focus on what part of your life, character, attitude that you need to expand & build

Make yourself ready & just be beautiful instead of taking the first move

Get your knees down everyday, pray to God for helping your man to find you

and to help him ready to be the man of God you always pray for

Eventually in the right time, the right man will come along

And when that time comes, you’ll say its worth the wait


“But is there still that kind of man in this world? I’m not sure…”

If that’s what your heart saying, let’s just change the question, cause God design us to be the helper, so ask yourself

“What can I do to be the kind of woman my man needs someday?”

Don’t worry, you will attract a man of God if you make yourself a woman of God

I’m still in my waiting line also at this moment

I pray to God He will make my man ready & help him find me ;p

Until that time comes,

I’m excited to do & learn many things that I need to expand myself

Are you, ladies? 😀

Ps: as I told you that these were actually a Biblical concept, i’ll give you references of verses in case you want to learn & read more 😉

Ephesians 5:22-31; Genesis 2:24 ; Genesis 2:18 ; Matthew 19:5 ; 1 Corinthians 15:33 ; 2 Corinthians 6:14







Hello Bandung :D

Remember my last blog when I was planning to go to Bandung and cancelled?

This time, I didn’t plan at all

But nevertheless me and family just spend our long-weekend there.

We stay overnight in Wisma Damar – finest Hotel near Rumah Mode

You might wanna take a look



The bedroom was clean, comfortable & homy

The design itself quite modern I think

It was beautiful 🙂

I do really like their lobby & dinning table

simple and cozy


We spent 2 days and went to several places

Majahouse was in our first list,

I had my lamb cutlets with fresh asparagus and mushroom

Mom ordered norwegian salmon

Dad’s with his fav lasagna

Brother picked spinach beef steak

and sister took Chicken BBQ mushroom for her main course


Next morning, we had our breakfast together in hotel

The food was great & tasty,

I skip my salad that time,

cause there was ketupat with opor and sambal goreng hati

Its just too tempting to resist hahaha





Then soon after breakfast,

We went to Rumah Mode, bought some snacks & cakes, had a quick lunch at Prima Rasa, then last but not least, visited Lactasari Paris Van Java Garden. Nate’s favorite spot to play with baby bunny, cow & sheep 😀









Happiness come from simple things, which are very easy to find

Cause they are just so near and very close to the heart

They’re what I’ve always called…family 🙂

Thankyou Lord for this sudden holiday

It was a beautiful quick getaway for us 🙂